About the Stories that Appear in this Place

Dear Reader,

I write that you are ‘dear,’ because you are dear to my imagination; you are why I write. I wish to be a real writer one day. To be real, I hope to bring my experiences beyond my own understanding, through invention caused by imagination, to brush the hearts and spirits of as many people as possible with the gentle fingers of imagination; to make the truths which I have discovered in my life more applicable and obtainable to others. That is my philosophy of imagination.

My imagination told me that this is the place that it wishes to go next. This far, it has led me to write stories to my family, and then it has taken me to imagine more people–my friends, an 80’s pop-star, and then, all of the people around me. I have begun to read aloud my work to small audiences. Here is a quiet place that stories will appear for anyone who decides to look. I would appreciate anything that you have to say about what I write.

I feel that I began on this journey of writing inland. My boat is just drifting me out to sea.

With Best Wishes at Heart,

Estelle Star, A want-to-be Writer