Running with the Wolves: Part Two

In the late summer her mother walked up to her, licked her ear, and said, “You are stronger now and ready to run with the rest of the pack.”

They sat in a small clearing in the middle of the forest where the light was golden-green and little yellow flowers were illuminated.

Her mother placed food in front of Demelsa and tilted her head inquisitively—Demelsa’s mouth ached and watered and she ate the tasty morsel.

“How do you get this?” Demelsa smiled as she chewed.

Her mother looked at her a little funnily with her ears back and mouth opened, but then she composed herself. “It’s natural and good. And harmless. We just need to look for it.”

If Demelsa had a tail, it would be wagging stiffly, swinging from side-to-side.

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