Running with the Wolves: Part One

Walking with a dance in her steps imprinted in the snow behind her, she flowered into a bound and twirl. Her breath visibly came out in a pale excited gust as she caught sight of her reflection in the frozen river. She looked different from her family, but they did not mind. She skipped singing a high song full of long notes on the crackling, sparkling snow to her hide-out amongst the rocks under the enormous poplar tree.

Her mother was beautiful and fair, with bright grey eyes like moons. She gave her a kiss and some food as she gracefully came in. “Demelsa” she whispered her name as Demelsa wrapped her arms around her.

Her silver-haired grandmother tottered in, her eyes still flickering with light, accompanied by younger ones who cared for her. “Demelsa,” she greeted. “Now remember, you must grow strong for your family,” she said hoarsely, nodding her head wisely. “You must fight for us with a hunger for life, and always care for the elderly and sickly.”

Demelsa embraced her grandmother, smelling the old wood smell, feeling her frazzled coat, remembering that one day she would be gone and tears were in her eyes. One day it would never be the same.

She galloped out of the den with her uncle Bidzil. The wind rushed through her hair and Uncle Bidzil encouraged her to run faster.

“Follow me!” he chuckled as he raced ahead.

Demelsa saw many colours in the snow—the orange of sunset, the blue of dawn.

She ran even more eagerly when she saw her siblings, Nayeli and Ecatel. Overjoyed, she began to wrestle with them. She skipped behind a deep drift and jumped out to touch Nayeli—then she was the one to chase. Demelsa was having fun, but she couldn’t help but notice that she ran significantly more slowly than her siblings.

I hope that you enjoyed the first part of the story and the picture! I created the image with water-colour coloured-pencils–the background is blended with a water brush.


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