Tesauro: Part Ten

Moonlight cast the sand in silver light. Whispering waves rushed up the shore and retreated, softly rustling away, leaving a pale bubbling foam. Erhart’s ankles were suddenly clasped in cold. He gasped. Specks of light flickered over the dark blue water. The light seemed to gather and concentrate on the water in front of him. A silver haired head rose out of the water. The delicate shining strands clung around a little thoughtful face. He saw the dark glistening eyes of Tesauro. They beamed at him in the dark—more brightly than the moon—which beamed like a spotlight directly above her.

Tesauro walked slowly and solemnly to the shore with the waves as they softly flowed in. As soon as the water left her feet, she stopped, looking at me attentively. She smiled with a glimmer of regret in her eyes, and said, “You see me, Erhart. You have found me.”

I stretched out my hand to her, hoping that she would recognise what my motion meant. She took my hand. Her hand was soft, cool, and light. It felt rather like a fish. “You are real,” my voice cracked. “All of the memories of you—are real.”

A knowing smile flitted across her face. We danced, twirling through the summer night to music like a nocturne in our minds, my legs moving in time, her splaying moon-white dress gliding across the sand, dreaming of the other, until the moon set, and darkness faded. The stars dimmed in the light of day. Everything was warm brightness. We danced until dream could not be distinguished from reality.

Tesauro slowed and stopped. The trance had broken. “I must go,” she murmured, and darted her eyes longingly toward the sea.

“Of course,” I smiled, certain that our fragile living dream would never shatter. “I must go with you.”

We flew into the water in long leaps, sending sparking rays up in circlets, until a wave fell over us and there was only the sound of our secret thoughts whispering like those heard in seashells.


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