Algebra Story

I have despised mathematics for most of my life because it did not let me be creative, only involving cold hard facts but for one time that I was able to write a little fanciful story:

While walking along the Appalachian Trail in the autumn, you kept spotting beautiful flame-coloured leaves on the ground. You stopped and bent over 4 times after spotting many beautiful leaves and took them up in your arms; you couldn’t deny them to yourself. Because you were carrying so many leaves in your arms as you walked along the trail, you accidentally dropped 17. You noticed each time and turned your head forlornly as each leaf twirled and fluttered to the ground behind you. When you got home, you found you at least had collected 27 beautiful leaves. How many leaves do you think you must have collected each in those four times that you stopped?

You can answer if you wish.

I am waiting with great excitement for the flaming colours of autumn leaves to appear.



  1. If you picked up an equal number each time, then 11, but how likely is that?

    The first time, you picked up just 6. These were the first autumn leaves that you’d seen, and they were faded green and brown. Your next stop occurred when you spotted some fallen leaves that were delicate, golden wisps. You picked up 13 of these. The third stop saw you pick up another 22. These were all rich firey tones, reds and oranges – truly autumnal in appearance. On your final stop you picked up just a final 3, a trio that were perfect in both colour and shape.

    Autumn is my favourite season, too!🍂🍃🍁 Great post. 😄

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