When her Sky has Lost its Blue

A Dream of Writing

She gazes wishfully up at the radiant blue sky

And with the birds and angels her spirit is flying so high

Inspired to appreciate the preciousness of life she is deeply wise

Beautiful perceptions of the universe are reflected in her eyes

Her bright dreams become blackened with coal dust clouding above

Starving to not be ignored—to be embraced with understanding hope and love

Hungering for a world more beautiful for those in weakness and pain

Choking she wilts as toxic words fall down on her, like acid rain

Filthy smog has set in heavily, obliterating the days of blue sky

“Her emotions are ugly; her thoughts are worthless” the voices lie

She cannot reason with their meaningless words—the madness of their pollution

With the inspiration of Mother Nature, she knows Earth’s solution

The thickening air makes her fervent from their entrapping hate

A self-aware villain asserts suffocatingly “her needs…

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