When her Sky has Lost its Blue

She gazes wishfully up at the radiant blue sky

And with the birds and angels her spirit is flying so high

Inspired to appreciate the preciousness of life she is deeply wise

Beautiful perceptions of the universe are reflected in her eyes

Her bright dreams become blackened with coal dust clouding above

Starving to not be ignored—to be embraced with understanding hope and love

Hungering for a world more beautiful for those in weakness and pain

Choking she wilts as toxic words fall down on her, like acid rain

Filthy smog has set in heavily, obliterating the days of blue sky

“Her emotions are ugly; her thoughts are worthless” the voices lie

She cannot reason with their meaningless words—the madness of their pollution

With the inspiration of Mother Nature, she knows Earth’s solution

The thickening air makes her fervent from their entrapping hate

A self-aware villain asserts suffocatingly “her needs have a fake weight”

Tears fall heavily if not having a drought of life—a depressed brain

Hot emotions fuel, intensify—she is a powerful hurricane

Her health and aspiration to be alive have deteriorated with the blue sky

Numb with grief she is famished for affection—told not to cry

Her fantasies of creatures oceans and trees cannot be sustained in despair

In the world—her heart, she is cruelly denied to dwell or her soul’s home repair

The sunset of the animals is warningly scorched into the sickening pink sky

All responsible for the silence of Greta’s pure and true voice, allow her to die

In the rain-drops the breezes the waves and the flames her thoughts catch, dire

Watching, blazing unforgivingly, her voice bursts “Our house is still on fire!”

The protagonist of the piece— Greta Thunberg—is introduced as she has child-like day-dreams and her breath is taken away by the art of the sky. Happily innocent to the selfishness and harm of humans, she has an untainted perspective, and a celestial belief in the goodness of the world.

The world starts to be ruined by careless humans, who take advantage of its resources and refuse to share them with others in need; Greta awakens to a painful reality. Many adults have written acid remarks about Greta Thunberg: ‘Admit It, Greta Thunberg Is A Spoiled Brat’ is the horrifying title of a single article about this altruistic seventeen year-old; she does not get what she wishes for, and if she did, the world would be a better place. Her imagined emotional response to unsupportive adults of feeling tired, depressed, and hurt is similar to the way in which acid rain prevents plants from getting nutrients from the soil, causing them to wither and die. Worn down, she has difficulty with breathing from anxiety, like how acid rain can exacerbate respiratory diseases.

Representing all of the plants and animals of the world, Greta Thunberg is the archetype of mother nature: she is loving, strong, in harmony with her emotions, and values diversity, inspiration, and change. The harmful and poisonous ways in which people treat her symbolise the pollution of her mind.

The greenhouse effect is being associated with emotional regulation: emotions and greenhouse gases are good and necessary, but too much of them cause the world to become overheated, and make a human become overwhelmed and flustered with strong feelings, not able to let things go. Greta Thunberg’s mental health was ruined for a while from ruminating about the devastation of nature; she has struggled with depression which made her repress her feelings, stay silent, and anorexia did not let her eat. She is emotionally connected with the state of the world, and many humans do not realise that when they do not try to understand environmental issues, they are also not supporting her health. Many humans rob Greta of hope and deny the environment care, refusing to notice the signs of unnatural climate change which warn of serious problems for Greta and everyone else in the future.

I wished to illustrate Greta Thunberg gazing up at the sky, daydreaming of a forest spirit guarding nature to complement the poem.


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