The Imperceptible Star

Character List


Anemone — Mentally lacks the intellect required to be visible. Is anxious and hesitant, and resentful of the dancers who are noticed, especially Zellina, who she is vindictive towards through envy. Is judging, critical. Uncontrollably physically ebbs and fades. Needs out of life only for someone to notice her—to dance with her. Is slender, as if barely there, and is wearing a faded white dress, with its skirt pluming like smoke. Is a young adult.


Zellina — Is mentally alert, with flawless articulation, and quick-wittedness. Is carelessly outspoken, as she barely needs to analyze her words as she says them. Is motivationally needless. Is physically graceful when she dances, like a waving flickering flame. Is glowing, with a tilted scarlet smile and a curl of dark hair curled round her ear in a precise way. Deep red dress fades to orange at the rim in fiery whisps. Is a young adult.


Mr. Wrongnose — Is polite, kind, and says things repetitively in the same certain tones of voice. Wishes to make sure that Anemone is safe. Has blue eyes like frozen waters, white hair sticking up in the air, a narrow face, and a pale complexion. Is a young adult.


Mr. Pinkeyes — Is mentally witty and competitive. Is rather cool and pompous in his manner, and not very passionate or feeling in any way. Knows that he will have his way: he will dance with Zellina who may give him his passion lost. Thinks Mr. Wrongnose is rather an idiot. Is falsely polite, lofty, and unreal. Has an evil glint in his wooden eyes which some who look for fake beauty would mistake as the glimmer of life. Is tall and wears a long brown coat which brushes the ground. Is a young adult.




The whole play’s setting is in a clearing surrounded by trees, where the moon, shining so brightly the stars are not there, looks down from the centre. The backdrop should be painted of the night sky. The lighting is faint, white and pale, and concentrated on the moon. There are nine dancers as extras: four women, and three men wearing colorful garments who dance for the entire time of the scene.



Enter Anemone (dancing, dances for a little on her own), Zellina (dancing), Mr. Pinkeyes (dancing), Mr. Wrongnose (dancing), other nine dancers. (The dance continues for five more minutes, and then the other nine dancers will slow, and Zellina, Mr. Pinkeyes, Mr. Wrongnose, and then Anemone will stop. Anemone will be across the stage; she will make her way through the gaps of the dancers to Zellina, Mr. Pinkeyes, and Mr. Wrongnose who are standing in a semi-circle talking. Anemone stands in the space to fill the circle, while smoothing her skirt)




On nights like these, they say that someone comes to dance who cannot be seen.

(smilingly, softly and jokingly)


Mr. Wrongnose

I wonder who it can be—what they must look like?…

(distractedly as he looks around)



I would like to meet someone who is invisible. I wonder, how fun it would be to dance with such a person?




You would never know what they looked like.

(Vaguely thoughtfully)


Mr. Pinkeyes

They would be such a pain. The constant ignorance of what they are doing would drive me to insanity.




Oh, come. Let us dance and not think about such daunting things.

(taking Mr. Pinkeyes’ arm. Mr. Pinkeyes smiles haughtily at Mr. Wrongnose as they leave.)


Mr. Wrongnose

(Turning to go also, Mr. Wrongnose pauses as he feels a light hand on his arm. Startled, he looks around and sees Anemone)

I am sorry; I did not see you, my lady. Have we met?



You are forgiven. Please, sir, we have met: my name is Anemone. Let us dance.

(hiding her eagerness. Mr. Wrongnose takes Anemone into his arms, and they begin to Waltz. Spotlight slowly becomes brighter until it is obviously trained on them. They dance for three minutes. Spotlight is shrunken until it is only trained on Mr. Wrongnose. They stop)


Mr. Wrongnose

(Stands still, bewildered, thinking that she turned away behind him in the dark)

My lady? Where have you gone?

(Uncertainly. Turns around. Light trains on Anemone, and slowly brightens until Anemone fades into view, but only until she is just visible. Mr. Wrongnose looks questioningly at the other dancers, and eventually is taken by another dancer)



(Tears glisten in her eyes: she is shocked and horrified)

I am here!

(shouts after him. Begins to cry. Walks slowly around with her hands out helplessly, in a circle after the other dancers which are revolving around her. Seeing a man pause to do up his coat, Anemone hurries to him.)

Please sir, will you dance with me?


Man Dancer

(Looks around, past Anemone, and finally his eyes find her when the spotlight trains strongly enough on her, illuminating her)

Did you say something my lady?




Let us dance, please, sir.

(Earnestly and anxiously. They dance for a few minutes, and as the dancer spins Anemone, another woman dancer gently twirls into her place, and continues to dance with the man dancer. Anemone stands petrified, shocked, and horrified. Begins to run after the other dancers hysterically)

Look at me!

(screams in frustration. Stops and lifts her hands, but cannot see them. The spotlight goes out, as well as the light above her. Screams. Heaves shallow breaths in gasps. The dancers quicken in their circle around her)

Look at me.

(quietly, breaking down)

Please, look at me!

(cries. Light fades in to show her turning in one place, with the dancers)

I am Anemone!

(Falls to her knees. Spotlight flickers and dims further. Puts her hands to where she should feel her beating heart)

I am dead.


I am only eyes to see, and ears to hear. I am dead. I cannot take part in this dance. I am no longer relevant—of interest, as I am not seen or felt—but I am aware!

(Violently sobs)

I have become invisible. I have nothing.

(Wretchedly. Looks over at Zellina and Mr. Pinkeyes as they turn, and then stop. Stumbles over to where they are. Sees Zellina smiling, and Mr. Pinkeyes chuckling)



There are not any stars tonight.

(Vaguely, slightly tilting her head up)


Mr. Pinkeyes

My lady—you are mistaken. There are no other stars but you.

(Coolly, but affectedly)



(Looks at Mr. Pinkeyes in a vague thoughtful way)



(Glowers at Zellina and then Mr. Pinkeyes)

—Self-absorbed, arrogant, assuming, deluding fools.

(Shouts scathingly)


Mr. Pinkeyes

Did you feel that?

(Uncertainly. Shivers)



Perhaps I may be seen.

(Whispers hopefully, and throws herself at Mr. Pinkeyes. Anemone has not been standing directly facing Mr. Pinkeyes, but a foot to his side. Appears to the audience to fall through him. Falls to the ground)



If you are getting a chill, we must continue our dance!

(Exclaims as Mr. Pinkeyes greatly shudders.)



(Watches as Zellina and Mr. Pinkeyes walk away, and then throws herself wildly at four dancers who come by her, and always falls through them. But when Mr. Wrongnose comes, he catches her. Spotlight becomes very concentrated on Anemone)


Mr. Wrongnose

You are the one who disappeared when we danced, my lady. Tell me—why are you throwing yourself at others?

(Gently but inquisitively)



Sir, I am surely in hell, for a painful torture has afflicted me. You are the only one who seems to be able to see me—to feel me, to my greatest relief. I have been lost, and now it seems that you have found me. I am the one who comes to dance who cannot be seen.

(Tears re-run their previously made tracks)


Mr. Wrongnose

(Stares, but cannot say anything. Simply comforts her in an embrace)



(Spotlight concentrates further on Anemone, until she is the most brightly illuminated person on the stage)

Thank you.

(Whispers and smiles. Is elevated from the stage, and is brightened further by the spotlight. Mr. Wrongnose’s hands slide down her arms as she floats up, until at last, their finger-tips separate. Lifts her arms above her head)


Mr. Wrongnose

(Stares up, his eyes following Anemone as she is claimed by the sky)



(All stop suddenly and stare up at her)



(Stops last with Mr. Pinkeyes)

There is a star to-night.

(Gasps in astonishment.)


Mr. Pinkeyes

It must be some illusion.



Mr. Wrongnose

Anemone is the most true and real star ever to be born.

(Solemnly. Walks away)


The curtain is drawn as everyone looks up at Anemone.




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