My Utopian World

In my ideal, imaginary society, people would live where the weather was varied, but not too extreme. They would go to school not because the government forced them to, but because they had a wish, a desire, and a will to learn about the things which they love to do. School would teach the students in the way that each individual learnt, and it would not teach the students anything that they would not be interested in. The only things which people would not have a choice about in school would be learning about introversion and extroversion, and how to take care of the environment, and that we must only compete against ourselves, as tools of understanding. The word ‘weird’ would be a positive word in all circumstances, as being out of the ordinary would be encouraged, as well as the idea that everyone is different. There would be no discrimination—no power over others to boss them about. People would not shake each other’s hands, but wave. Things which went on the news would be important, and not for depraved entertainment purposes. However much care and effort someone put into a product would be what it was worth. The essence of this world would be usefulness, and understanding of others: the key to prevent conflict.

This society would be created by a Giver—a highly intelligent person with good judgement. These wanderers of the Earth would find places appropriate for human inhabitation, and plant a tree, so that everyone would know that they could live there. These intelligible Givers would have such good judgement of a place that they would know if people lived there, whether they would cause the incurable outcome of an unbalanced ecosystem.

One advantage of this society would be that it would create an environment for everyone to be as happy as they would allow themselves to be. It would be disadvantageous if there was one person who wished to be the supreme ruler of all; but, it would be most likely that they would not have the chance to feed these unhealthy thoughts about having everything their way, as they would not feel less respected, appreciated, and valued than any other person, in this world.

For those that wished to not be a part of this society (perhaps people drove them mad), a Giver would give them some land in an inhabitable place, and the people who loved to build and construct houses would make them a house. If the person or family wished to come back to the society, they could come whenever they chose. The people in the society would respectably welcome them back.

If I were to write a story about this Utopia of mine, the first line would be, ‘Everyone was finally happy. There was conflict in this world—of course—but there was nothing that could not be resolved with understanding, sensitivity, and intellectuality.’ This would be perhaps the most boring story, because this world is a true Utopia.



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