Truthful Eyes: Part V

Little white whispering spheres flew in through her open window and lit up her room in a dancing ghostly white. They all went for Isea at once at a great speed and revolved around her slowly for a moment. Then they started to lead her. One flew into Isea’s thick hair and gently pulled and others pushed Isea from behind; most flew ahead, lighting up the way. Isea began to walk quite effortlessly—a few inches above the floor boards. “But I don’t understand,” she said desperately and hotly still. “Where are you taking me?” They didn’t seem to think they were going fast enough, so one sparking white orb went to her hand and started pulling that.

They pulled her along through the house and down the stairs, her feet always a few inches off the floor, until they let go of her in a small grey room. The house was so large that Isea’s mum had not found a use for this little room. It was empty and bare, but for Isea’s cat Shine. Her ginger cat sat exactly in the middle of the floor, staring at Isea expectantly in the way only a cat is capable of.

“Do you want me to do something?” Isea asked.

Shine replied by giving a long “Purrr-row!” as if it answered everything Isea would ever want to know.

Isea slowly walked forwards and knelt down in front of Shine. “What do you want me to do?” Isea whispered. She reached out her hand, and scratched Shine behind her ears. Isea’s breath was taken out of her. She felt as if she were engulfed in flames, because it was suddenly bright all around her. She wasn’t burning—she was only vaguely warm. She felt very light; her feet lifted off the floor and began to float up behind her. She saw that the light all around her was becoming more brilliant with every second. She floated up with her hand securely on Shine’s head until she was almost upside-down, and until her feet almost brushed the ceiling.


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