We Dream

We Dream



We know not

What ‘cool’ may be


We would rather go

And be free


Jump up

In the sky

Skip from cloud to cloud

From star to star


We touch them with the tips

Of our toes

As we bound



To take a trip to the moon—

To lay our hand upon

Its crusted luminous white face

To dare a day-dream

Unreal, yet exactly how it is supposed to be


We are up at night

When the moon shines bright


Yes—we lurk

At the edges of society

Secret, unseen


Yes, we left

But to evade

Our death


We are not

The herd depicted


We work alone

At home


Don’t tell us

What we are

No one will make us sway


To their dance

To their beat


We sing the song

We dance to our own music


We work hard


To be I, not we


I, not we:

For I am me



  1. I was mulling over the gradual suffocation of the rich, beautiful, and inspiring personalities of some of my friends and acquaintances, when I saw that you had posted this poem. This puts so many feelings into words. Thank you for this!

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    1. You are welcome. I appreciate your thoughts very much. I am so happy that the poem is meaningful to you. In case you are interested, I wrote ‘We Dream’ because I was inspired by ‘We Real Cool’ by the poet Gwendolyn Brooks, in which she describes what she thinks of seven pool players. I wished to try to judge the pool players in a different way. –Stell.

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