The Lady of the Tower: Part XVI

This piece is the last installment of the novella, ‘The Lady of the Tower.’ Imagination hopes that you enjoyed the story, and wonders what your thoughts are.


Sua decided to stay to keep her company. After all, he had always liked Gwendolen.

He galloped up the dark stairs ahead of her carefully ascending feet, and then paused on a stair until she had caught up with him. His catty shadow of an arched back, a long tail, and pointy ears stretched up against the wall. Although the stairs were normally in complete darkness, the brightest thing in that world was illuminating them at that moment. After only fourteen steps there was a door, and beyond that door was a large cool room of stone, tinged blue. Sua followed Gwendolen to the iron pedestal in the middle of it. Gwendolen carefully placed The Light back onto her pedestal, and the room was filled with sunlight.



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