The Lady of the Tower: Part XV


Gwendolen walked to the very edge of the mountain, over the sea where the song had come out. It was still there… It was somehow more amiable now that she knew it. As Gwendolen gazed down at the tiny rolling waves of the sea below, she thought that it had somehow helped her through…through the change that had happened…through the change that she had asked for.

Perhaps for all of the wrong that had occurred, it was worth it once it had been done. Here she was, holding in her arms a part of herself…Finally she knew what she had been guarding. As if in response to her thoughts, The Light slowly floated out of Gwendolen’s hands, and hovered in the air over the sea. For a moment Gwendolen was frightened that it would drop.

Instead, The Light said, “I am glad that you believed in yourself in the end…that you believed in me.” The Light slowly descended and landed in her hands.

Gwendolen turned away from the sea below, and walked to her tower, as something was calling her from the inside.

When she opened the door, they were all there. The Seven Elders with their long white beards all bowed their heads to her and held their moment of silence. And then they all raised their heads, and two of them parted for Sua to walk through.

He sat in front of Gwendolen with his black tail twitching. “This can never happen again,” he said.

“Then rid me of all emotion” said Gwendolen, “I am exhausted of being affected by them.”

The Seven Elders all shook their white fluffy heads. The Seven Elders all wore different coloured woollen robes. High Wizard Piecebly always wore a white robe. He was Gwendolen’s favourite for a reason that she could not say. “That is not the way. You need emotion, my dear,” he wheezed. He looked around at the others. “But you should not be able to be deceived in such a callous manner. This was not your fault…but ours. And now we beg your forgiveness.”

Each one of them watched Gwendolen uncertainly. For the first time in her life, Gwendolen knew that they really did care for her. She was not really their prisoner—not any more than she would be trapped in a world of normal people, trapped inside of herself.

“…I forgive you,” Gwendolen whispered. She went to Wizard Piecebly and he wrapped his long white-sleeved arms around her. Sua rubbed himself against her legs.


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