The Lady of the Tower: Part XIV

 Thunder came from above and a streak of lighting reached across the sky. The strange girl suddenly stood in front of Dumbee. It was as if he blinked, and in that time she appeared out of the air.

Strange black stuff pulsed and spun around her; her eyes were in flames and somehow penetrating; light danced around them in rings; her face was intensely white. “Why did you do this to me?” she whispered.

“Let’s talk this out,” Dumbee said as he cowered with his arms over his face.

The strange girl went over and picked up The Light from the ground. Her eyes grew wide and her lips moved with no sound coming out for a few moments. “No,” she said, turning, “no more talking.” She drew in a breath, and shouted in an unearthly tone, “YOU SHALL NEVER FEEL THE LIGHT AGAIN. You were ignorant,” she spat at them, “—in the dark. And so was I. Now go.”


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