The Lady of the Tower: Part III

The Lady of the Tower: Part III


Gwendolen marched solemnly around the tower that night. As she went, she gazed at her own shadow as it shifted with her slow movements across the moonlit grass. She put each bare foot to the ground for each beat of the song, which was very strong that night. This was because several questions were surfacing in her mind. She tried to dismiss each of them because there was no point in struggling to answer any of them. ‘Why am I alone?’ the sharp, demanding voice asked inside of her head. It assumed first person point of view perhaps in an attempt to make Gwendolen believe that it was her own. ‘Why am I here?’ it persisted. ‘Why me?’

Gwendolen stopped at this.

“Why me?” the whisper said out of the dark.

It set her mind on fire. The song seemed to take complete control of her. It made her run to the edge of the mountain, with the sea below. It made her look up at the stars and she raised her arms to them. The song suddenly came pouring out of her mouth. It sang:


Near a tree by a river

There’s a hole in the ground

Where an old man of Aran

Goes around and around

And his mind is a beacon

In the veil of the night

For a strange kind of fashion

There’s a wrong and a right

But he’ll never never fight over you


Gwendolen blinked in shock. The ground seemed to jump up abruptly, and suddenly she was on her knees. She put a hand to her mouth faintly. She was almost convinced that this was one of her strange but realistic dreams. The song had come out in words that were not her own—in a voice that was not her own. She could hear the melody, and the words.


This story is inspired by Nik Kershaw’s song ‘The Riddle.’ I will explain more at the end.


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