What if Fantasy did not Yet Exist?

What if Fantasy did not Yet Exist?


Fantasy seems to have existed very far back in history in minor forms, as myths and fables. People were influenced by these myths and fables; they wrote increasingly more advanced and deep stories, with more complicated characters and themes, influencing more and more writers. Fantasy has only recently become significant. In the second half of the twentieth century, fantasy began to give adults the impetus to take notice of it and to read it: J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ allured them in 1954. But what would have happened if there were no writers to influence writers with their work? Thoughts and emotions would not be expressed, and perhaps the understanding of them would not have advanced. Perhaps humanity would not have evolved to have a powerful imagination. Perhaps people would not have intellectually advanced to recognise and understand the importance of imagining. Scenes would not be imagined, books and poems would not be written, songs would not be sung, and actors would not have a very good understanding of how to play the characters in movies and plays. Perhaps fantasy’s tremendous abound in the 1970’s would only be delayed; but, fantasy would not exist the way in which it does today. Something realistic tends to express an awareness of things as they really are. Writers would not yet know to base their works of fiction on their personal experiences and perceptions–sights, feelings, sounds, tastes, actions–to make the story more real and effective, instead of rather vague, unconvincing, and somewhat meaningless. Perhaps fantasy today would be only what children would aspire to: fantasy in its entirety would not have matured to appeal to many, by its themes and symbols being intricately and wisely woven into the story by the author. Perhaps the philosophy of human thought and motivation would not yet be known. I would not have been able to take a Creative Writing Course, as the course would not have existed, as well as any fantasy book which I have ever read.


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