The Candle Flame

–For everyone who has lost someone in their life that they love.


The Candle Flame


I awoke and they said that you have gone

I tried to believe; it was like thinking that to blink takes long

Something has taken you away

A fog rested in my mind, and down every thought it weigh


Candle flame, you glowed and with light and love, my eyes shone—glossed

I cannot believe that you are lost

A light in my life extinguished

With anguish and dread, I think of the memory of you, diminished


A flicker—“I am here,” you say

You flutter, laughing, “Nothing has taken me away”

I look deep inside to the light and smile

And speak with you for a while


“I miss you,” I cry, “Please come back”

“Without you, it can never be the same—” my thoughts become without light: black

Now everything has changed, darkened, faded

“How could this have happened? Could it not have been evaded?”


A flicker—“I am here,” you say

You flutter, laughing, “Nothing has taken me away

And with a cold ending breath, blew

Trust, take my light far: I am alive inside of you”


~In memory of Mrs. Tivis, an English teacher who taught me to write.



This poem is about the loss of a loved person. But, because the person gave love, it stays in the receiver’s heart forever. The world may seem cold without them—yet another flame extinguished—but they left the fire within the person. This light will lead the way of understanding, and burn away bad thoughts.

Thanks to my uncle, who made it possible for me to go to my first The Cure concert, I remembered their unreleased song ‘It Can Never be the Same,’ with a flickering candle flame as the scenery behind Robert on the stage, when I wrote this. I cried at the concert when he played that song, that I had never heard before. The song remained in me, with the image of a flickering candle flame. It played comfortingly in my head, warming my heart, when I was becoming cold with grief.

A dear cat named Bubba passed away. I am reminded of all of the grief that I have ever experienced in life; I am reminded of the poem that I am posting today.





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