In the Autumn Goodbye

I feel the Autumn creeping–coming, in the crispness of the wind. It makes me shiver, chilled with excitement. I feel that I must do everything now. I must run about under the trees, say goodbye to the green. And I always keep this poem in my mind.


In the Autumn Goodbye

Alone in a wide dark blue field
I stand openly, yet concealed
In the lingering Autumn
With fear of everything being forgotten

I do not know what I must do to find
I do not know what I left behind
When winter comes riding its grey cloud
I know my every wish will be enshroud’

I could not fly beyond the sky to Neverland
And now here I for ever stand
I must say goodbye
I mustn’t think or wonder why

What was ever there?
Why do I at the deceptive night sky stupidly stare?
There was nothing but the fancies and dreams of Summer
I could never have been changed to become her

The wind takes away the leaves of the trees
Like how of you time takes away my memories
I must say goodbye
I mustn’t stop and cry

So I say goodbye to you, beyond the sky
Though I know the thought of you ever being there is a lie
And the winter comes to devour
Round me every dwindling bright moonlit flower





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